Based in New Delhi, India, Shyn Industries is a trusted name in chemicals to provide complete finishing solutions for textile and rubber industries. It also offers consumer products including a whole range of detergent powders, cleaning powders, toilet cleaners, liquid soap for home care and tyre polish, car shampoo, dashboard shiner etc for auto care.

Shyn Industries is in the service of garment exporters for the last three decades to solve any kind of problem which they face in making the fabric eco-friendly for exports.With the advent of new trends in fashion, the customer is getting smarter and infinitely more discerning and so the garment manufacturers have become more conscious of fabric finishing.The company created waves as early as in 1979 with a new genre of innovative finishes that offer softness, shine, finish permanency and eco-friendliness.

Shyn Industries has always sought to enable the customer to exploit textile finishing possibilities to the fullest. It is pioneering research in silicone based finishing ushered in many innovations : Non-yellowing softness for whites, a revolutionary denim treatment, a softener for a wrinkle free finish.Shyn Industries has created a Research & Development (R&D) Centre to maintain its tradition of providing its prestigious clients with new and innovative products/solutions.